The charity is one of the projects that the Overmoon team cares most, in fact with the help of the community it will make donations and collaborate with organizations already known for their fundamental contribution in protecting and safeguarding the environment.

Man is already ready to travel in space, to visit other planets and to look for other forms of life in the Universe, but first we must think about the “starting planet”.

Our Planet.

The phenomenon of global warming is one of the main causes that will lead to the destruction of the terrestrial ecosystem; as we are already seeing, in fact, catastrophic phenomena have increased over the years and all this is mainly due to the action of man. So, the main question that the Overmoon team asked themselves is: “How can we go into space if we don’t first take care of the planet we live on?” And from this question comes the name “OVERMOON”, with the aim of safeguarding and protecting our beloved Earth, to then go “over the Moon“.